International Family Company

Thanks to our rich tradition, love for coffee and our exceptional employees, J.J. Darboven has grown into an international family business. This company was founded in 1866 by Johann Joachim Darboven. The headquarters is located in Hamburg. Four coffee roasting facilities, twelve J.J. Darboven subsidiaries in nine European countries. There are now +/- 1100 employees working in the group. The Irish branch of J.J. Darboven is located in Dublin.

Below is a summary of the J.J. Darboven companies:

  • J.J. Darboven GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg
  • Burkhof GmbH, Sauerlach b. München
  • EILLES GmbH, Nürnberg
  • J.J. Darboven NL
  • J.J. Darboven F
  • J.J. Darboven CZ
  • J.J. Darboven PL 
  • J.J. Darboven SK 
  • J.J. Darboven IE

Other Group Companies:

  • Hochstrasser CH
  • Hornig AT
  • Gourvita, Rödermark
  • IDEE OCS GmbH, Hamburg
  • Unimat Produktions  GmbH
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