Supply chain

Supply chain

Sustainability: Sustainable operations for a secure future

Socially committed

One of J.J.Darboven’s most important principles is assuming responsibility and operating sustainably as a company. This not only applies to Hamburg and Germany, but also the rest of the world. The people in the countries from which we source our coffee are extremely important to us. To support them, we launched a fair trade coffee into the German market in 1993 and were the first large-scale coffee roaster to do so. Our company received the Fairtrade award for this pioneering achievement. Our employees also work locally in the countries of origin, ensuring that working and living conditions are improved for coffee farmers and children receive an education. Our range now also includes Fairtrade-certified tea, hot cocoa and sugar products. 

Environmentally conscious

Darboven has committed itself to both people and the environment. With our certified organic coffees, organic teas and organic hot cocoas, we promote eco-friendly cultivation in the countries of origin. Our company’s sustainability policy is applied to all production steps: we minimise waste and use energy and raw materials as efficiently as possible. The plant in Hamburg even has its own well, with the water used to cool the grinders and thus facilitate eco-friendly water circulation. 

Sustainable manufacturing

Sustainable coffee does not end with the selection and purchase of green coffee. It is also critical that we ensure that we minimise our impact on the enviroment during the production process, i.e. the roasting and grinding of our coffee in our roasting plants. Furthermore, we measure our impact on the envirmonment from the very beginning of the supply chain, i.e. the country of origin, by monitoring & minimising fuel consumption & CO2 emissions by optimal loading. During the roasting process, the heat used in combustion is collected through an ingenious heat recovery system and used again during the next roasting process. We use the power generated from our roasting plant to heat our production facility & office space, hence relying less on the national power system. We source water from our own well, which is reused for the cooling process after the coffee has been roasted. All "waste" generated during the manufacture of our coffee is collected, pressed and processed into dry manure.

Durable coffee and packaging

In partnership with our packaing suppliers, we are constantly working to reduce the amount of packaging material we use, and also to make the packing material more environmentally friendly, hence helping the environment. The amount of packaging material per kg of product has greatly reduced in recent years, in particular by increasing the contents of the box, and by reducing the thickness of the material. Recycable material is also used wherever possible. 

Durability and transport

It goes without saying that we also want to limit the environmental impact of transporting our products as much as possible. By optimising the load of trucks, we try to reduce CO2 emissions, and thus reduce the environmental impact. The use of "jumbo trailers" helps this. We are currently working on a project that should lead to the use of hybrid cars for all our company cars. In addition, all our company cars are equipped with a navigation system, so as to ensure our staff drive as efficiently as possible and reduce the number of kms as much as possible.

Coffee machines - Maintain, reuse & recycle

Our in-house service team is fully trainined to ensure that we obtain maximum longevity from our coffee equipment. We only source the best equipment, hence our starting point is strong. From there we ensure that all equipment is callibrated correctly, and specificially for each client. Eco-friendly modes are utilised on all equipment that it is available on. All machines are fitted with water filters, hence reducing lime scale build up, which would require more power to be used by the machines. Once the machines reach the end of their usefully life, they are stripped down to their basic components. We salvage all parts that can be reused, and recycle the empty shells.  We try to reduce waste, and recycle as much as we possibly can.

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