Code of conduct

Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct was drafted by the owners of J.J. Darboven. This code details how to work in a socially responsible manner within the organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility: People-Planet-Profit.

Sustainable: Consider all sustainable aspects to ensure we leave the planet as we found it for future generations.

Child labor: processing of products where no child laboour is used.

Work and safety: regular monitoring of environmental aspects, hygiene, quality and occupational hazards.

Production: The emission of harmful substances is reduced to a minimum.

Water: Production with water from own source, external control, reuse.

Electricity / Gas: green, energy saving, reuse of heat released where possible.

Packaging: as much environmentally-friendly packaging used as possible, including PVC-free recycled cardboard / paper. Constant efforts undertaken to reducing the weight of the packaging.

Transport: efficient loading, thus saving CO2 per ton of coffee.

Cars: as much as possible to socially responsible cars (hybrid / A label).

Organic coffee: partly in our assortment. This coffee is grown under controlled natural conditions without the addition of non-natural fertilisers. Less soil depletion, protection of drinking water.

License Fairtrade / Max Havelaar. Coffee with guaranteed minimum price, pre-financing, long-term trading relationships. Life improvement small coffee farmers.

Certification: ISO 9001 - HACCP-IFS - ISO 14001 - ISO 50001

J.J. Darboven, Unit B3 Calmount Business PArk, Ballymount, Dublin 12.


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