Barista Academy

Barista Academy

Coffee is critical, machinery essential, and skill & ability is the final piece of the puzzle to get right if you want to serve the perfect espresso. At J.J. Darboven, we take every bit as seriously as the next. Located right in the heart of Dun Laoghaire, J.J. Darboven has its very own Barista academy. This academy is at the full disposal of our out of home clients for training as & when needed. It is also open to the public for classes, which are run weekly. Some of the classes run include;

Sensory Training : 3 hours

A class all about breaking down the flavors of coffee; looking at origin characteristics, types of acidity.
In this class we look at:

  • The slurp: the doorway to flavor & how to activate your taste buds
  • Coffee Variety: Arabica, Robusta, what’s the difference, what are the profiles?
  • Roast: what roast level actually does to coffee.

This class requires no experience it takes place 10 - 12.30 and there are 6 places available for this class

Barista Fullday Workshop : 1 Day Intensive class

This class is designed to give you a full understanding of Barista work & the espresso machine itself. The day begins with a drinks demo for the first 15 minutes then becomes a completely practical class with nothing but practise under the supervision of highly experienced professionals.
If seeking employment in coffee or just want to learn more about the process this class will put you ahead of the rest.

  • Espresso - the drink & roast, how to pull the perfect shot
  • Extraction - what really makes the espresso, water temperature, brew ratio, crema
  • Milk - what are we actually doing when steaming milk, what makes foam & what are the real differences in milk based drinks
  • Latte Art Introduction - base level intro to the process of art on coffee; design & discussion, does latte art affect how coffee tastes?
  • Machine Maintenance - Treat your machine the right way for the best results, how to clean espresso based equipment

This class is a certificate class; you will be asked to prep 2 espresso, 2 traditional cappuccino, 2 latte macchiato, 2 latte in cup upon successful completion of these drinks you will receive your cert. 

Latte Art Throwdown - 3 hours

A class all about milk based design on coffee. In this class we cover the pours for:

  • Rosetta
  • Tulip
  • Fish
  • Peacock
  • Wreath

You will learn how to create perfect Latte Art Milk consistently. This class does require espresso machine experience, even if it is a barista crash course. 

Barista Crash Course - 2.5 hours

A short intensive class recommended for people with an interest in barista work/ just want to make better espresso at home or as a refresher for anyone already working in the field. In this class:

  • Espresso extraction do's & don'ts: tamping, extraction times, taste guide
  • Traditional drinks prep: Americano, Cappucino, Latte Macciato,Macchiato
  • Traditional Milk texturing for drinks

This class is a crash course in Barista Techniques; as such there is no cert with this class.

Home Brewing - 2 hours

You have the equipment, you went out and sourced you favourite coffee.....what do you do!? This class is all about getting the best from home non-espresso based equipment. You need no experience for this class. The class covers;

  • Brew methods for Chemex, V60, Plunger
  • how brew method affects coffee choice
  • how grind affects flavor & brew- water temperature
  • pour styles for each piece of equipment


The small details:

All classes have set times to start and finish so it is in your best interest to be at least 15 minutes early.
We are always happy to answer any questions about the classes, our products or tea and coffee in general so never be afraid to ask.
To book your place in one of our classes email us directly at 01 2808898 (ext 4), or private message us on our facebook page JJ Darboven Ireland,


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