What H.E.L.P. intends to achieve:

  • Increase in productivity – also by utilisation of sustainable cultivation methods

  • Providing basic knowledge of business management

  • Promoting economic initiative, particularly of women

  • Facilitating access to serious fi nancing opportunities in order to enable investments

  • Improvement of hygiene standards and occupational safety

  • Raising the educational level and opening a perspective for the next generation


Help is needed here!

Santa Bárbara is the oldest coff ee region in Honduras. The climate facilitates cultivation, but the hilly to mountainous landscape also makes it tedious and time-consuming. The infrastructure is poorly developed and many coff ee plants are overaged and low in yield. So Santa Bárbara is the coffee region with the lowest level of productivity and one of the poorest regions in Honduras. Coff ee cultivation generally takes place in small family farms.