This is how H.E.L.P. works

H.E.L.P. has chosen San Nicolas as its location and put together and trained a professional project team consisting of agronomists. The work is supported by an internationally experienced adviser, Michiel Kuit. The enthusiasm at the first information events was great, and numerous coffee farmers registered.
While visiting all project participants the project team gained important knowledge about the actual state. They showed the project participants eff ective methods for the rejuvenation pruning of coff ee plants, and soil samples were taken in all locations in order to determine how the respective soil productivity can be improved.

The project team investigates the overriding problems in every single operation. Individual development plans, with which not only technical production, but also social and environmentrelated improvements shall be achieved, are prepared afterwards. Objectives and improvements of operational sequences in daily operation which are achievable on a short-term basis ensure and strengthen the motivation of participants. The importance of better school education became very clear in the consultation sessions up to now. That is why H.E.L.P. is planning additional activities in this field.


The project has got off to a very good start, and the team has performed dedicated and commendable work up to now. The great interest of coffee farmers illustrates that H.E.L.P. is pursuing the right objectives. Michiel Kuit