Fairness First

The finest premium green coffee varieties from the world’s best growing regions, gently roasted by a master hand and expertly processed for a full-bodied, well-rounded flavour. All of these are elements that set a good coffee apart and are exceptionally important to us at J.J.Darboven.

But when it comes to our products, we take a whole lot more into account than just quality, variety, country of origin and processing. We believe that socially responsible and environmentally sustainable operations are a requirement for long-term economic success, which is why we’ve been following a set of guidelines we developed ourselves for many years. These have helped us to achieve what’s important to all of us: coffee that’s good in every sense of the word.

Socially committed. 

One of J.J.Darboven’s most important principles is assuming responsibility and operating sustainably as a company. This not only applies to Hamburg and Germany, but also the rest of the world. The people in the countries from which we source our coffee are extremely important to us. To support them, we launched a fair trade coffee onto the German market in 1993 and were the first large-scale coffee roaster to do so. Our company received the Fairtrade award for this pioneering achievement. Our employees also work locally in the countries of origin, ensuring that working and living conditions are improved for coffee farmers and children receive an education. Our range now also includes Fairtrade-certified tea, hot cocoa and sugar products. 

Environmentally conscious. 

Darboven has committed itself to both people and the environment. With our certified organic coffees, organic teas and organic hot cocoas, we promote eco-friendly cultivation in the countries of origin. Our company’s sustainability policy is applied to all production steps: we minimise waste and use energy and raw materials as efficiently as possible. The plant in Hamburg even has its own well, with the water used to cool the grinders and thus facilitate eco-friendly water circulation.

The H.E.L.P. project: Darboven helps Honduras.

The H.E.L.P. initiative benefits coffee producers in Central America: in its anniversary year, J.J.Darboven launched a long-term project designed to support coffee farmers in Honduras. Coffee is traditionally cultivated in the Santa Barbara region. 250 small-scale farmers benefit from the financing opportunities and professional assistance in production planning and coffee cultivation provided by H.E.L.P. J.J.Darboven employees regularly assess the progress on site. The aim is to promote lasting profitability and thus a better quality of life for the coffee farmers and their families.

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